Unisoft Healthcare Private Limited: A Comprehensive Overview

Unisoft Healthcare Private Limited

This blog is all about Unisoft Healthcare Private Limited and how it changes the health game for infants and women. Let’s dive deep to know the details in this guide.

Introducing Unisoft Healthcare | A Comprehensive Guide

Unisoft Healthcare is more than just a company that makes healthcare goods; it cares about the health of women and babies. The company ensures people are safe and comfortable by putting quality, creativity, and sustainability first. The goal of making a big difference fits with eco-friendly practices by providing biodegradable choices. Unisoft Healthcare Private Limited, a trusted global leader that puts your health path first, is based on customer-centricity. When you choose Unisoft Healthcare as your partner, you’re picking a company committed to providing excellence and caring for the health of women and babies worldwide. 

Our dedication to health and wellness is at the heart of Unisoft Healthcare. Our two brands show this: Infanzy for baby care and Credly for feminine care. Here’s what makes us different:

Elevating Feminine Hygiene – Credly

We know how important it is to feel safe, confident, and at ease during your period. The manufacturing of Credly sanitary pads happens only to give you the most protection, absorption, and comfort so you can go about your day with trust.

Building Parental Confidence for Your Kids – Infancy 

We are always committed to quality, and our Baby Diapers show that. Similarly, each diaper is carefully made with your baby’s comfort, health, and trust in mind.

A Holistic Approach to Health 

Unisoft Healthcare Pvt Ltd is the only company that combines experience in baby care and feminine hygiene in a way that takes a whole-person approach to health. Moreover, our brands focus on quality, comfort, and trust to meet the needs of people on diverse levels.

Innovation at the Core

We believe in constantly developing new ideas to meet our customers’ changing wants. Likewise, our goods result from ongoing research and development, ensuring they align with the latest healthcare developments.

Values that focus on the customer

Our names, Infanzy and Credly, show that we care about our customers. Moreover, your safety, confidence, and peace of mind are essential to us, and they drive us to make goods that care about you and your family.

How This Company Cares About the Health of Women & Infants?

Let’s know why Unisoft Healthcare gives Women and Babies immense importance:


  1. Double-Core Technology: Taking Baby Care to New Heights* Imagine a nappy that stays dry longer and does it more quickly! Our double-core technology, the first of its kind in India, speeds up absorption by up to 30%. This keeps your baby comfortable and happy.
  2. This is Denier Superfine Fibre. The softest touch is best for your baby. Our diapers are made with Denier Superfine Fibre, which is as smooth as Goose Down and will make your baby feel great inside and out.
  3. A snug and secure fit: Don’t worry about leaks or pain anymore. You can let your baby move around without worrying about their safety because our diapers fit snugly and securely. Because a pleased child makes a happy mom!


  1. Rash-Free Period: Ladies, it’s time to change the way you take care of your periods! Most likely, it is India’s first period without any rashes. During your period, give yourself the freedom and pleasure you deserve.
  2. Calendula Extract Pads That Kill Bacteria: We’re not just here to protect you. Our sanitary pads have antibacterial calendula extract, which also removes smells and uses negative ions to make you feel clean. Thus, securing you.
  3. Putting money into new ideas: Being excellent is a never-ending process. In addition, we put money into research and development to stay ahead of the curve in feminine care and bring you new products because we always try to make you feel better.

At Unisoft Healthcare, we believe in providing more than just goods. We also believe in providing care, comfort, and new ideas to improve the health of women and babies. 

Two Brands, One Vision | Unisoft Healthcare Private Limited

Unisoft Healthcare Private Limited has two brands but one vision. As part of its plan to change how healthcare is provided, Unisoft Healthcare Private Limited is proud to offer two separate brands, Infanzy and Credly. Likewise, each is committed to improving health in its unique way.

Infanzy: Raising the Bar on Baby Care

At the heart of Infancy is a dedication to giving babies the best care possible. India’s first diaper with Double-Core Technology, our best-selling item, changes how diapers absorb urine by 30%. We go the extra mile with Denier Superfine Fibre, which is as soft as Goose Down and will ensure your baby is entirely comfortable. In addition, the snug fit keeps babies safe while letting them move around freely. Infanzy is the best example of creative and caring baby care solutions.

Credly: Changing the Game for Female Hygiene

Women can now clean their pants in a whole new way with Credly. As India’s first-period brand that doesn’t cause rashes, it stands for a smooth and easy period experience. Our sanitary pads have negative ions to boost your confidence and antibacterial marigold extract to keep you feeling fresh. Credly’s commitment to quality has won the trust of many customers, and our ongoing investment in research and development keeps us on the cutting edge of new feminine care products.

Infanzy and Credly aim to improve health and well-being, but they do so in different ways. These brands are made by Unisoft Healthcare Private Limited, which believes in giving more than just goods. Likewise. they also believe in providing care, comfort, and new ideas. Now, you can count on us to help you stay healthy.