A Comprehensive Guide to Sanitary Napkins: Types, Sizes, and Uses

Sanitary Napkins

Credly, a central feminine hygiene and care brand in India, is part of Unisoft Healthcare, which has helped bring women’s health and hygiene into the spotlight in today’s fast-paced world. You can’t stress enough how crucial it is to get an excellent sanitary napkin. It’s about more than simply convenience; it’s generally about your health and happiness. This blog will take you on a tour of the sanitary napkin industry, discussing different brands, pad sizes, and Sanitary napkin types while emphasizing the products available on Credly.

How Do Sanitary Napkins Work?

Sanitary Napkins are well-built cotton pads with a water-resistant covering to prevent any leak of your menstrual flow. The risk of blood leak is always there. 

To understand this thing, here we’ve got a way to compare it with traditional pads made of clothes. The standard pads are made of cloth pieces or cotton fibres without leak proof protection. It might be suitable for a short span, but the blood flow might spill water to everything. 

Now, modern sanitary napkins are made with the best materials. It includes:

  • Recycled Paper Pulp
  • Absorbing Plastic Film
  • Leak Proof Cover
  • Elastic sheet for wings
  • Packaging with Pouch
  • Wet-lock pads
  • Super-absorbent paper sheet

Sanitary Napkins: A Special Guide

The first thing that you should always do before finding the right pad is to consider some tips, which we are going to mention below:

Check your Blood Flow Level

Before buying your sanitary pads, you should check how much you bleed during your menstrual days. It can be expected. But some people find it painful with heavy blood flow, which even lasts for weeks. 

2 Count The Days

Another thing to consider is counting the number of days. The majority of women experience their periods for 4-5 days. It means they can go for regular pads. Likewise, the ones whose periods last 6-7 or more days should go for Large size. 

In addition, there is a population which faces issues with irregular periods and heavy blood flow, which can last longer than a couple of weeks. In this case, they can go for Extra Large Size sanitary napkins.

3 Body Size Matters

Wearing the proper sanitary napkin also depends on an individual’s body size. The lower portion of your body where you will put the pad matters. So, consider this point as well. A person with a curvy and heavy body type should go for the large size for comfort and proper fit. 

4 Try Different Sizes And Shapes

Instead of picking any sanitary napkin, choose the most suitable size and shape according to your body type. While some may prefer pads without wings or support on the sides, most women would like to choose the ones with wings to prevent leakage from the sides.

5 Pick the one that lasts longer

Now, coming forward to the last point, always go for the ones which last for a long time in this menstrual run. It should be durable enough to stay according to the blood flow. 

Kinds of Disposable Towels

Standard sanitary napkins 

These are the most widely available tampons and work well with flows of any intensity. Credly provides a variety of absorbency degrees in their standard paper napkins.

Ultra-Thin Sanitary Napkins

Ultra-thin napkins are your best bet if you value privacy without sacrificing protection. The ultra-thin choices from Credly are built for convenience and ease of use.

Sanitary napkins for overnight use

Napkins for overnight use offer the most protection during those nights of strong flow. With Credly’s extended wear time, you won’t have to worry about leaks disturbing your sleep.

Pantyliners, number

These are great for everyday usage and can be a backup when your period is due. Panty liners from Credly are top-notch in terms of comfort and softness.

Organic Disposable Napkins

The value of making environmentally responsible decisions is preserved on Credly. Their organic products are harmless to you and the planet because they are created entirely with all-natural ingredients.

Comfort and safety depend on picking the proper size and level of absorption. Credly provides sizing options for people with varying heights, weights, and preferences by giving regular, long, and extra-long options. They also make it simple to find the ideal napkin for your requirements by clearly displaying its absorption level.

Effectively Using Disposable Napkins

Using sanitary napkins properly is crucial for achieving the highest levels of comfort and cleanliness during your menstrual cycle. Some advice is as follows:

  1. Update Frequently: Napkin changes every 4 to 6 hours can help reduce irritation and odour.
  2. Properly Dispose Of: You should always dispose of sanitary napkins in a trash can after wrapping it properly in a disposable sanitary napkins bag. Put them somewhere other than the toilet.
  3. Stay Hygienic: Always wash your hands before and after changing your napkin.

Ensure the napkin you pick is soft and pleasant and doesn’t restrict your movement. Because of Credly’s variety, you can find the perfect solution for any circumstance.

Credly, a Unisoft Healthcare brand, is, in sum, an industry leader in providing superior menstrual hygiene and care products to women. Selecting sanitary napkins with the optimal brand, size, and absorbency level of sanitary napkin impact is essential to your health and convenience. 

Its flexible features allow you to choose the best solution. Credly provides premium sanitary napkins so you can put your health and comfort first throughout your period.

Your period may be healthier and more comfortable with the proper sanitary napkin, and Credly is here to help you find it. Discover the benefits of Credly’s offerings by checking them out now!